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US-8460423-B2: Filter cartridge having central plenum and housing sidewall patent, US-7196343-B2: Optical element, lithographic apparatus including such an optical element, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby patent, US-7402254-B2: Method and structure for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements patent, US-6819923-B1: Method for communication of neighbor cell information patent, US-7851019-B2: Method for controlling the sublimation of reactants patent, US-8034083-B2: Artificial ligament assembly patent, US-8236136-B2: Coating compositions comprising alkyl ketene dimers and alkyl succinic anhydrides for use in paper making patent, US-8207051-B2: Semiconductor surface modification patent, US-7589666-B2: System and method for processing data in weather radar patent, US-6783930-B1: Development of novel anti-microbial agents based on bacteriophage genomics patent, US-7815771-B2: Process for the manufacture of paper and board patent, US-7244743-B2: Non-peptidic BRS-3 agonists patent, US-8365125-B1: Method and system for power distribution analysis patent, US-7615102-B2: Corrosion and gas hydrate inhibitors with an increased biological degradability and a reduced toxicity patent, US-7811082-B2: Gas circuit and pilot light system for cooking range patent, US-8541008-B2: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods to vaccinate against candidiasis patent, US-7886040-B2: Automated display of an information technology system configuration patent, US-8580055-B2: Mixtures and emulsions to reduce energy in gypsum wallboard manufacture patent, US-7913720-B2: Automated drug preparation apparatus including serial dilution functionality patent, US-8062797-B2: Articles of clothing and personal gear with on-demand power supply for electrical devices patent, US-6793936-B2: Multiparticulate modified release composition patent, US-8236740-B2: Lubricating oil composition patent, US-6938825-B1: Data system patent, US-7610962-B2: Sour gas injection for use with in situ heat treatment patent, US-7914591-B2: Process for the lightening dyeing of keratin materials using at least one anhydrous dyeing composition comprising at least one alkaline agent and at least one oxidizing composition patent, US-8225271-B2: Apparatus for control systems with objects that are associated with live data patent, US-703315-A: Apparatus for manufacturing ice. patent, US-569889-A: Trolley for electric railways patent, US-8076420-B2: Dimercaptan terminated polythioether polymers and methods for making and using the same patent, US-6822318-B2: Stress isolating die attach structure and method patent, US-8229408-B2: System and method for selecting a subsystem for call termination patent, US-6790249-B2: Apparatus and method for screening people and articles to detect and/or decontaminate with respect to certain substances patent, US-6872306-B2: Multifunctional pure water maker patent, US-7114498-B1: Gas delivery, evacuation and respiratory monitoring system and method patent, US-7141628-B2: Golf ball and golf ball paint patent, US-8475662-B2: Modified HIMS process patent, US-6803199-B2: Thyroid sodium/iodide symporter and nucleic acid encoding same patent, US-7080796-B2: Fuel injection valve patent, US-7122481-B2: Sealing porous dielectrics with silane coupling reagents patent, US-7924161-B1: Methods and systems for identifying objects as sets and locating and tracking identified sets patent, US-7150418-B2: Nozzle plate member for supplying fluids in dispersed manner and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-8093266-B2: Rho kinase inhibitors patent, US-6943453-B2: Superconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7051561-B2: Electronic lock patent, US-7576662-B2: Keypad array of portable terminal for input of alphabetic letters patent, US-8400463-B2: Data processing module for generating dithered data and method thereof patent, US-7105264-B2: Method for forming patterned conductive film, electrooptical device, and electronic appliance patent, US-7885696-B2: Method for searching for material generating interband phase difference soliton patent, US-8165722-B2: Velocity and concentration adjustable coupling pipe apparatus equipped between lifting pipe and collector patent, US-8330828-B2: Device and imaging system patent, US-6839545-B2: Transmission method of reception information on communication connection patent, US-7312904-B2: Apparatus, method and program for communication patent, US-7799861-B2: CNT/polymer composite and method for producing the same patent, US-8326229-B2: Systems and methods for over-the-air testing of wireless systems patent, US-7107430-B2: Mechanism to reduce the cost of forwarding pointer aliasing patent, US-7181440-B2: Mapping of an RDBMS schema onto a multidimensional data model patent, US-7480775-B2: Method and apparatus for block-oriented memory management provided in smart card controllers patent, US-7920973-B2: System and method for converting clearance data into vibration data patent, US-8554064-B1: Method and apparatus for generating vapor at high rates patent, US-6944307-B2: Microphone/earpiece device for a mobile telephone, telephone exchange or the like patent, US-7203797-B2: Memory management of local variables patent, US-7359624-B2: Portable DVD player patent, US-8045532-B2: Location architecture for large scale networks patent, US-8160632-B2: Method for controlling power in dual-standby mode mobile terminal and apparatus thereof patent, US-8211765-B2: Bistable nanoswitch patent, US-7879586-B2: Gene encoding methylated catechin synthase patent, US-6816177-B2: Display observation angle of which is multidirectionally adjustable patent, US-7565371-B2: System and method for converting complex multi-file database structures to HTML patent, US-8044147-B2: Nitrile group-containing copolymer rubber and a vulcanizable nitrile group-containing copolymer rubber composition patent, US-8386806-B2: Integrated power management logic patent, US-7356533-B1: Database search in distributed computer system on portion of remote database patent, US-6968605-B2: Tagging apparatus and method patent, US-7062228-B2: Cellular communications system using baseband carrier injection and related methods patent, US-7107493-B2: System and method for testing for memory errors in a computer system patent, US-7507501-B2: Positive active material composition for rechargeable lithium batteries patent, US-7674629-B2: Method for improving chemiluminescent signal patent, US-6922012-B1: Cathode-ray tube with a reinforcing band patent, US-6973461-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling reproduction of an audiovisual work patent, US-7112640-B2: Fluorocopolymer and its applications patent, US-8319109-B2: Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus patent, US-6917113-B2: Lead-free alloys for column/ball grid arrays, organic interposers and passive component assembly patent, US-7054596-B2: Wireless vibration diagnostic instrument patent, US-8383449-B2: Method of forming a thin film transistor having openings formed therein patent, US-8461604-B2: Optoelectronic module having a carrier substrate and a plurality of radiation-emitting semiconductor components patent, US-7094390-B2: Macrostructures of porous inorganic material and process for their preparation patent, US-8110178-B2: Dental-plaque detection system and dental-plaque detection method patent, US-7738579-B2: Systems and methods for adaptive bit loading in a multiple antenna orthogonal frequency division multiplexed communication system patent, US-8453063-B1: Display manager that dynamically adjusts for dependencies in a video display system patent, US-7341947-B2: Methods of forming metal-containing films over surfaces of semiconductor substrates patent, US-7898432-B2: System and method for determining intersection right-of-way for vehicles patent, US-7462886-B2: Semiconductor device and method of producing the same, and power conversion apparatus incorporating this semiconductor device patent, US-7114155-B2: Programmable controller patent, US-8545608-B2: Silicate materials, method for their manufacture, and method for using such silicate materials for adsorptive fluid separations patent, US-7045526-B2: Substituted 4-amino-2-aryl-tetrahydroquinazolines, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them patent, US-7530540-B2: Upright post with mounting collar patent, US-7921416-B2: Formal language and translator for parallel processing of data patent, US-7645191-B1: Systems and methods for handicapping a horse race patent, US-7718563-B2: Production of olefin polymerization catalysts patent, US-6964862-B2: Sample processing device and method patent, US-8019084-B1: Automated banking machine remote key load system and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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